Many global pharmaceutical companies struggle to keep track of features and functions used in each country. This information is extremely important when they want to harmonize their Veeva / Salesforce implementations and when introducing omnichannel marketing.

The Admin App build on the Salesforce platform can help getting that overview and assist both business and IT in working together to optimize the implementation.

When documenting your company IT implementations in a multinational environment, it most often ends up in numerous documents of different types, scattered in file folders or other document libraries.

Difficult to find, difficult to collaborate on and often, you are not sure if there are other versions of that lying around somewhere.

While still having the detailed documentation stored in libraries, our app will let you have easy access to the most important information that you need on a daily basis, like implementation details, integrations, stakeholders, licenses and policies. By using the powers of the Salesforce platform, the Admin app will give IT and product owners the overview they need.

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Veeva Admin App

Operational Documentation

Unlike traditional storage of documentation as static files in file shares, Admin App lets you store the information in a structured way, where it is easy to find and easy to update. No versioning, just live data.



It is easy to collaborate on the data between business, IT and external consultants. The data is "live" and it's easy to filter the data to fokus on certain types of data, i.e. all integrations, which countries use a specific feature or a country overview.


Not just Pharma

Admin App was developed for Pharmaceutical companies, but any IT department in a multinational company can benefit from documenting how each country use the implemented systems.

All that is needed is a number of Salesforce licenses - maybe Salesforce is already used in the company



Want to know more?

If you want learn more about this app and how it might help your company, let's schedule a demo and a talk about your needs.

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Great overview!
I know so many pharma companies who a screaming for a tool like this to understand the setup in all their afilliates.

Rick Sternquist
4X Certified Veeva Admin