Freelance Consultants with focus on Salesforce

As Freelance Consultants

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Plug and Play

We are experienced and senior people, who can step in and add value from day one. Very useful while you take your time to find the right person for a vacant position. Think about the cost of hiring the wrong person. 

Or if you need a specialist in your project and only need the resource for a limited time. 

Our Mindset

We are only with you to do the job we agreed on.
We know that the time with you is short term and the quality of what we do is important.

What we do with you is what will bring in the next customer to call us, so we need a happy customer.

We don't engage in politics - only in solid solutions.


We know we are hired for our opinion and expertise. We are not afraid to speak up and be open about problems and challenges. And we respect the decisions made even if it was not as we suggested.

You will get a professional, honest and reliable partner in the project.