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At Compaq, I worked as a Web Developer, mainly building front-ends to database solutions.

It was consultancy work for several large companies in Denmark, like Carlsberg, Bayer, Danish Television and the Foreign Ministry.

The largest project was to build a database and user interface to hold all Carlsberg's beer recipies, which at that point was paper based information.

I was hired as a developer on the on-premise CRM system called Pivotal. Travelled to affiliates worldwide implementing changes and updating servers and laptops.

I got more and more responsibilities and ended up being Global CRM Manager, responsible for the platform and for implementing and rolling out changes worldwide. This included change management, stakeholder management and end-user training.

At Falck I was given the task to implement a new CRM system, replacing whatever tools the local entities was using.

I chose Salesforce as the new CRM and designed the new system based on the requirements I captured from main stakeholders around the world.

With help from external consultants, we build the template and I implemented it in 18 countries around the world - from management to end-user.


For several years, I then managed the platform and kept it updated according to business requirements. 

I was hired in to the Customer Satisfaction department to take lead on migrating legacy tools in the insurance world from mainframe to Salesforce.

However, I was quickly transferred to a role as product owner on another major Salesforce implementation within the company.

In the relatively short period I was there, I took part in developing and rolling out a Salesforce front end for employees in the bank branch of the company.

Hired as both project manager on Salesforce projects and solution architect on selected projects.

Main project was to unify a Salesforce solution for several business units, but great part of the job was to standardize the way of working in projects and which documents and tools to use.

I designed a solution to visualize a pipeline for products still in development but already being mentioned by sales people to customers.

Hired in as platform owner with responsibility for stakeholder management, backlog and development projects.

Setting up agile way of working in the development team, introducing Scrum.

Build a system in Salesforce to capture change requests and to cooperate on backlog with business.

Transferred a legacy reference system to a Salesforce solution - under budget

Solution Architect and platform owner on new Salesforce implementation spanning over Sales, Service and Marketing - replacing a SAP CRM solution. Securing that company standards and processes was supported.

Team lead in developer team.

Designed and build the support model for agile delivery of business requirements

Building a complex CPQ model for configuration of instrument solutions sold to customers and setting up Field Service Lightning for planning and executing service visits.

Solution Architect for Sales on a worldwide Salesforce solution for Sales and Service.

Was mainly acting as senior advisor on the daily standups.

Took part in building and educating a super user community.

Established the company as a consultancy, primarily to sell my services on a freelance basis.

Developed the Admin App, which is a Salesforce app to be downloaded from AppXchange. The app can help primarily pharma companies using Veeva, to register and get an overview of features and integrations used by affiliates around the world.

Hired to help build a Veeva Excellence Team supporting the worldwide Veeva implementation and transforming from a decentralized to a centralized control of the platform.

Implemented Scrum for the new team using Jira.

Developed a Salesforce app to establish an overview of features and installations in a very decentralised setup.

Designed a new model for support and continuous improvement.

Took part in documenting integrations as part of preparing for a harmonization of the setup

Helping Leadfront supporting their Salesforce Customers, giving advice and performing tasks on the customer platforms.

I have been working with IT since I left Copenhagen Business School in 1991.

I started installing the first computers in the schools of Copenhagen, but quickly started designing and building my own apps and games in the early 90's.

When working as IT support for an engineering company in Hillerød, I designed and built their intranet using web technologies, ASP and an SQL database.

I was "discovered" by Compaq Professional Services and you can read the rest of my history below...



















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