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Thomas Jensen

Salesforce Solution Architect

I have 20+ years of experience with designing, implementing and managing IT systems in global companies.

I have taken part in almost all aspects of IT projects from design, implementation and training - over daily support and administration – to planning the future strategies.

With my background as IT support, web developer and now 15 years in IT and Sales Management teams working with CRM, I feel very confident working in the space between business and IT – understanding the company strategy and the capabilities of IT systems. I am used to working with senior management both in HQ and at local entities when designing solutions – and experienced with managing consultants in the development and roll-out phase.

The last 12 years, I have been working specifically with Salesforce CRM. Amongst my roles, I can highlight that I designed and implemented the Salesforce solution from ground up and rolled out in 18 countries. This included understanding global and local business processes and finding the best common solution for all. After implementation, I functioned as global manager and system owner of the Salesforce system and in charge of all CRM projects.

I also have experience as Product Owner on one of the largest Salesforce projects in Denmark and have been Business Project Manager on Salesforce Projects for another large international company.

Since February 2022, I have been a Freelance Solution Architect with main focus on Salesforce, but also designing processes in business and IT.

I am used to travel and used to navigate in different cultures, both working with management and educating local users.

Personally, I am an open and happy person, who easily engages with new people. Humor is “build in” to my personality and I think we should always have fun on the way. I take pride in delivering high quality every time and challenges motivate me.
I feel good motivating and inspiring my colleagues and customers with my can-do attitude.



Web developer, building web interfaces for several large customer in Denmark


Project Manager and Solution Designer uniting subdivisions to a common Salesforce platform


Web developer, creating a front-end to the first digital beer recipe database 

MT Højgaard

Platform owner, designing solutions and running the Salesforce team

FOSS Analytical

Global CRM Manager, overall responsible for CRM developments and user training

FOSS Analytical

Solution Architect on worldwide Salesforce implemtentation across Sales, Marketing and Service


Global CRM Manager, responsible for designing and rolling out Salesforce worldwide


Solution Architect for Sales on Worldwide Salesforce implementation

Alm. Brand

Product owner, converting legacy front end systems to Salesforce interface


Solution Architect in new team, designing future Support Model and harmonization of several Veeva instances in the Global environment

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