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Why hire a Freelance Consultant?

Freelance consultants are often talked about as very expensive. But when you think about a regular employee, try looking at the salary and then add pension, value of vacation, health insurance, education, computer etc.... then it is not that much.

See below some of the advantages you get,
which is also why a freelance consultant does not always have a customer and will need to put some aside for vacation, in-betweens and education - periods with cost, but no earnings


Plug & Play

A freelance consultant is often an experienced and senior person, who can step in and add value from day one. Very useful while you take your time to find the right person for a vacant position. Think about the cost of hiring the wrong person. 


Or if you need to man a specific project and only need a resource for limited time. No need for hiring a permanent.

Fælles kontor

The mindset

Consultants are only there to do the job we agreed on. We know that the time with you is short term and the quality of what we do is what will bring in the next customer in. We need a happy customer to survive... and we don't engage in politics.

The consultant is not critical about the job he is doing or if he is the right person for a particular task.


True opinion

We know we are hired for our opinion and expertise. We are not afraid to speak up and be open about problems and challenges. After that, we respect the decisions made.

You will get a professional, honest and reliable partner in the project.

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